Signal update: which 'store' to use

I have been using Signal without any problem for more than 2 months now.
Now if I open Signal a banner informs me that I have x days left to upgrade to a new version.
I can click on the banner and only APKPure and F-Droid are available for updating the app.
But I installed from the /e/ playstore. And the /e/ playstore is giving me no possibility to upgrade.
I find it a bit confusing. Are all installations, /e/, APKPure and F_Droid identical?
What should I do?


Hi André, you can use Aurora Store (install it from /e/ appstore).
Then, it will update to the last release of Signal.
For me is working without problems.

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Hi Claudio,

Thanks for replying.
I don’t want to add an extra store to /e/.
I have 1) the appstore included in the installation, 2)APKPure and 3) FDroid.
I still did’nt read the answer to my questions:

  • why does the original appstore offer an update?
  • are all apk’s in the various appstores identical?


The apks in app installer , Fdroid or aurora stores may be of the same app but with different versions and the app installed from say fdroid can only be updated usually through the same store. This can be confusing . Ideally App Installer the default /e/ store should check which apps are installed through it and only then update. There are some bugs raised for the App Installer on Gitlab.

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So, now I know that the apk’s may differ.
And I know that more than one appstore may offer an update.
And it is becoming more confusing:
If I open APKPure I am offered Signal 4.63.3
Opening FDroid will give bring to the app ‘Langis’.
Knowing that Langis is not identical to Signal I will only use APKPure to update.
Not the way I want it, but it’s the best choice I think.
I hope that in the near future the unwanted confusion will be solved.


For me, the /e/ Apps Installer works very well and Signal is updated correctly.

Thanks for replying.

In my situation:
Signal reported that I had to update because of an old version (4.54.3).
Actual the /e/ Appstore offers Signal 4.54.3 (5961), but refuses to update, logically.
I updated through APKPure to 4.63.2
Everthing is working fine, no idea what the problem is/was in my case.


In my case, the last version available for Signal in the /e/ Apps Installer is 4.62.4 (6521).

You can maybe report this issue in our gitlab (if you don’t find similar issues), with a link to this topic.

It is also possible to install Signal by downloading the apk from their website. It is then self updating, which I find quite practical. Here’s the link :

However it is important to notice what is written as a warning : “Advanced users with special needs can download the Signal APK directly. Most users should not do this under normal circumstances.”

Could anyone tell me why it is not recommended ? Could it be a matter of signing certificate that is not automatically checked ?


Of course is downloading directly from Signal an option.
But I think it is better to use the standard way: the /e/ Appstore.
Furthermore, I think that one does not get an notification that there is an update if an APK is used directly from Signal. Ideal would be: all appstores push the same APK, the appstore used for installing is given as the appstore to update.


“[…] I think that one does not get an notification that there is an update if an APK is used directly from Signal.”[…]

A notification does appear when an update is available. I 100% agree with your point that the /e/ Appstore should be the source for Signal, but in my case the /e/ store simply is too buggy to rely on.


Signal from f-droid (Langis - Signal spelled backwards) is fork of Signal with GCM/FCM removed out of it. This version is especially useful for those folks who disabled/removed google play/microG services from their devices for signal to not give error.

Signal from the /e/ App Store, not sure where the apk source is from.

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You can check the exact version of an app with the app Checkey. Regardless the source it will give a hint regarding the exact version.

Not my point. I avoid play store as much as I can. Most of my apps are from f-droid. so the source matters, for example there’s a difference between telegram from f-droid and play store. I use the Langis version of signal that comes from f-droid sans gcm/fcm as opposed to the play store version that includes gcm/fcm.

the unofficial mozilla repository offers Signal also via F-droid:

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