Signal will change

Probably many of you have read it: Signal removes its SMS functionality in near future.

Yes, this is not a big thing, SMS is old and not used very often anymore. But, hey, everyone has an old fashioned (and probably none-tech) fellow (parents, grand parents) who can’t use Signal or is still on WhatsApp or whatever. Some two-factor-authentication processes use SMS. And there are also a lot of technical environments sending automated SMS messages in case of problems to entire lists of receivers. Another damned app will now again be needed for these use cases.

Interesting is the reason Signal told: because again and again people didn’t notice they are sending SMS to some fellows and have later been surprised (and angry) about costs. Everyone told them Signal is free and also Signal messages are free. – This is great. Of course Signal could also not inform the user about the possibility of costs. They couldn’t use red color or a bold font or any other unmissable graphic property for that, they just remove this evil feature now. This reminds me to a joke I recently read: The production of matches will now be prohibited - too dangerous, one match is enough to burn down a whole city. The dumbest makes the rules.

Instead they introduce Stories now. Stories … this is nothing else than Telegram Channels without Telegram. This is what Signal really needs! I’m sure, the most important factor why Telegram is in public critics again and again are these damned Channels – platforms for self-promoters, narcissists and other people with a lot of time instead of a life.

A while ago we learned that Signal got a mysterious payment feature. For what?

What’s going on with Signal???


It should be clear that some parts of my post were ironic.

It wasn’t clear to me - sorry!

I hope someone makes a fork of Signal that continues sms functionality

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Isn’t that just Silence?

There are also several other Signal forks. What now will happen is: the majority of them will also remove the SMS feature. Indeed Langis behaved himself already exactly like the original Signal app, just with one day delay, making clear that it will be removed.

The integration of the old “SMS contacts” was the USP of Signal for me. Without this feature, Signal disappears for me in the mass of messengers.

Therefore, I will part with it and use only Telegram and Threema in the future. And only until the European chat control has become a reality.

The day this comes into effect will be the day I do away with the smartphone.

In other words, everything is getting worse, including Signal, but is probably unstoppable.

a two person or group chatview is no longer rocket-science, it won’t change significantly until the handheld formfactor is abandoned. I’d love for a mobile OS to offer one UI to all messengers. Though I understand they would need to comply to offer the API. Avoids any grief with a change like this.