Signed or purchased apps

Is there a way to use purchased or signed apps linked to google account?

I’m not sure, but pls try to use your googel account name for yalp log in. Than it should work. Or install nanodroid it’s include a small google play store.

On my side I dont want to hear about Google. From years I use cyanogène, lineage ans I am testing e/fondation now. I install all my applications by apk even administrations, official sites, bank sites. Ans even like that you must take care for coming back of Google.

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That’s great and same as I do. I don’t have any Google account and searching the web via qwant

As mentioned, you can install paid apps via Yalp Store using your Google account. However, apps that do license checking will not work without the actual Play Store present to handle the checks.
Most of my Pro apps work just fine as they don’t do checking. Icon packs are a pain as most do. Even some free packs won’t work as they know they were installed via some means other than the Play Store (really lame in my opinion) and hint of being pirated.

You can get a flashable of a standalone NanoMod/NanoDroid patched Play Store from here…

The NanoDroid Play Store allows for being able to make purchases though I don’t remember if it also requires NanoDroid’s updated microG to do so. Either way, the patched or regular Store suffices for license checking.

That’s what I have prefer earlier some posts before :wink:

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