Signup for an /e/ account


To sign up an /e/ account in order to gain access to /e/ online services including, ecloud drive, contacts sync etc. An /e/ account is privacy oriented Nextcloud account hosted by in EU. It can be used without having a smartphone running /e/OS.


  • An alternate email address and 15-20 mins of waiting time period.
  • A web browser with Internet access on a desktop or mobile device of your choice.

Let’s roll.

1. Open a web browser on your phone or desktop to request invitation

Navigate to to request an invitation for an /e/ account by entering your current or alternate email address therein.

Once entered, click or tap ‘Request invitation!’ to continue.

Upon success you would receive the following messages on your screen:

Success! Your invitation link will be sent within the next 10 minutes.

If you dont receive it, please check your SPAM directory.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that /e/ Free drive and mail accounts are supported by donations! Please support us now and receive a gift.

Of course donation is optional but it is something that you should consider in case you are well off.

2. Check your inbox in 10 minutes for welcome email and activation link

Open the email to click on the activation link as seen in the image below:

/e/ account creation form appears, enter the desired, display name and a strong password as seen in the image below.

Once entered, click or tap on ‘Go!’ button to continue.

Upon success you would see the following messages on screen:


Your email account was successfully created.
You can already use it to log into with your brand-new account.

3. Navigate to to check your login


Tap or click Log in to continue.

Upon first login, you will be greeted with introduction of

First screen post first login introduction is as seen in the image below. It shows your /e/cloud drive.

Navigate to webmail from top menu bar to try it out.

Voila! You have successfully setup an /e/ account linked to your own address.

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