Silence for SMS default app

Dear All,
What about to use Silence for SMS default app?
Pro and contras? User experiences, etc…
Thanks for your feedback.

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Encryption Possible
Easy to Use

Key exchange message might be unsafe?

I use it as my default SMS/MMS app on both /e/ and my past Android phones. No issues at all, but I’ve never tried the encryption.

The app hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. Maybe it’s perfect already? :wink:

What’s the Problem with QKSMS+?

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For me, Silence allows to backup the messages, e’s fork doesn’t. First with unofficial builds, now with GSI, I have to do a clean install for updating…

Use QKSMS from F-Droid (the app the /e/ has forked for its own Message app). Message backup works fine. Also, think about uninstalling the /e/ version (search the forum for “uninstall system apps”) - it really doesn’t add very much, and it lags behind the upstream in terms of features and bug fixes