Sim Card reconnection & issue evidence if sim card not found

Hello e/collegues,

shortly i had many times trouble with the system about the sim card.
It lost often the sim connection.
First i’m not aware of it for a while if its happened.
And it’s pretty annoying if I’m waiting for a call.
And I’ll be really mad if someone want to call me if child has a problem somewhere.
Other situation that could be embarrassing, in case of urgency call, that could be really bad if the user is not inform asap of the issue, and even more if he could’t shortly try to reconnect without restart or spend to much time to release the sim card and reconnect it physically

That’s not really practicable currently with the 1.11s version of eOs to reconnect it.
The only way to do it, is to restart the phone or open the sim trap which need the special.

Thus I had to request for the /e/team.
-The one would be to make the issue more evident if it’s happened, a kind of fat notification with a dedicated sound which could appears in silence mode. And why not some flashy colors on gui or icon to inform visually that something wrong.

  • Then ask for a really simple software mechanism which try to disconnect and reconnect the sim card manually on demand.

Please it could be somehow really good if it could be taken in consideration.

Have a nice week all.

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Even on older phones the SIM connection is expected to be 100% robust.

In my extended family we did once have a SIM which could not be made to work nicely. Taking the phone to the carrier’s store it was reported that the card was “too old”. The SIM card was replaced and the issue resolved.

Secondly, with evolving technology carriers might make slight changes to #apn. Maybe they assume such changes will be applied dynamically but such change does not happen.

Asking the carrier to send APN to the device can fix such an error.


Try to dial *#*#4636#*#*: if an hidden Test menu appears you could try to go to Phone information then switch radio off/on.

Hello guys, thank you very much for your answer.
First @smu44 I shortly the issue yesterday where I could remember and try the test with the number.
Sadly it couldn’t do the trick.
In between I found on the net that some had the issue because of the point that their card were too old.
Don’t know if it was because of physical issues, or a technical ones.
But @aibd seems that it joins your argument, and if I think more about it, maybe my abo could be something old too.
Maybe I should consider calling my provider for applying a kind of trick like the one you told, or I do something with my abo.
maybe the combination of an old card with an old abo and a new generation of system (from android r to s) make some problems…

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