Simple usage guidelines for e apps

Do we have simple guidelines for the apps that come in as part of an e build. For e.g. how do I set up my email account or sync my contacts or wallpaper across builds.

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As far as I know, we don’t have this.

Yet. It will be needed for v1.0.

Agree with you @madbilly and @Julien we would need similar documentation for v1.0. Guess we will need some volunteers for this while we ourselves also put together some write ups on the apps.

Our managers will probably dispatch this work when it’s necessary.

Have started adding simple [HowTo] posts under /e/user Support - Use /e/ which will have instructions, solutions and workarounds for some of the issues users are facing. While the development team works to fix these permanently in future releases, these workarounds should be helpful for the users.


yes it should be properly documented for easy use to every one