SIP calls have sound interference

Using version 0.18 of /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9, and using the built in phone app, I established a SIP account. I can make and receive calls, but… when the connection is made, there is a loud, horrible screeching type sound heard on both the /e/ android phone and on the phone of the person I am calling.

Using a different android device with grapheneOS installed, and setting up the same SIP account in the phone app does not cause this problem.

Looking for advice on how to track down what the problem is with sip calling on the samsung device running /e/. Thanks.

It is probably an echo (see other threads) produced by the phone at the other end, resulting in feedback.

This occurs with certain phone models due to the behaviour of manufacturer’s drivers which can’t be changed? (Apparently other custom ROMs also suffer from it)

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