SkyDroid - a new decentralised app store

Today I came across an interesting new app store called SkyDroid. I thought, in terms of its spirit it suits quite well here, so I am dropping a few lines on it. SkyDroid is a new app store for Android that works without centralized servers. In view of the current events surrounding the removal of the Matrix client Element from Play Store, which has been reversed in the meantime, one can ask oneself whether it would not make sense for every developer to be responsible for the distribution of their apps. No central company should have control over which apps are available to all users of an operating system and which are not. Unfortunately I did not find any English language review on SkyDroid, but one in German (worth to DeepL-translate it) and the project’s Github page, in case you got curious.

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Nice project. Will have an eye on it.

+1 Downloaded the app and it functions well, even in a fairly generic state.

Decentralizing APK distribution is the next step in building a resilient and flexible app infrastructure not vulnerable to the whims and sole discretion of a single or related group of Data monopolists.


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