Slow battery charging Fairphone 3?

Hello. I want to know if changing to e OS, the eco mode charging wont be automatically set on?

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It’s on, don’t know how to disable, it think it cant be disabled, only in kernel. Btw did you buy a charger ?:wink:


Not yet :sweat_smile: because I am really poor right now.

Is there an eco mode for charging on the Fairphone 3 running /e/OS?

I read about Google Pixel phones supporting something called “Adaptive Charging”.
Google describes it as following:

To help preserve long-term battery life, you can charge your phone steadily overnight. Adaptive charging uses your alarm’s settings to completely charge your phone right before you wake up.
So the phone will charge slower than normal, which will make the battery last longer.

On my new HP EliteBook laptop there’s a similar BIOS setting, where I can limit the battery to 80%. This is also intended to extend the battery’s life.

Would be great if /e/OS could also introduce something like this!
At least for certain phones like the Fairphone 3.

I also asked in the Fairphone forum to support such a feature, so the sustainability of the Fairphone could be improved further.

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to extend the battery’s life

For years, I use a practical hardware solution for this task: a short-term timer (e.g. Ansmann AES1).
This is useful in several situations, not only to limit charging time of devices like phone or razor when leaving them alone.