Slow motion camera app?

Anyone find a slow motion camera app that works?

Bought from the e.f website:
Samsung s9+

I have tried these apps so far in the e.f store:

  1. Slow motion camera - Records with low FPS (low quality)
  2. Smooth action Cam Slowmo - crashes when press ‘start recording’
  3. Slowmo - Records with low FPS (low quality)

Perhaps one of the newer GCAM (Google pixel Camera) ports has slow motion from memory. Though be mindful sometimes the devs who port them leave google trackers in them

Good to know.

I think for now im OK with trackers only in an app since I really want a slo mo can.

So I would take anything that might work

Back riders ports have no trackers in them and even though he ports for Nokia 7 Plus they work well on some other devices. Has slow mo too. (Oreo & Pie only though)

Yeah it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m on a stock S9+ bought from /e/

Thats running oreo right? You need to use the latest version of 6.1 for oreo. v6.2 is for Pie. And it may not be compatible with Samsung. Armnovas might be better for Galaxy phones (Look for 6.1 builds)

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This one worked like a charm!
(On an S9+ with stock /e/)

I went through each one from the top, and this is the first one where the app would open. I set it as my default camera.

Only slight issue is a blur on the side of the screen while recording normal video:

Did you check Footej Camera?

When I press instal on footej, it tells me ‘this app is currently unavailable, please try again later’

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