Slow performance / "not responding" on Samsung Galaxy S8


I installed /e/ R-stable on my Galaxy S8 a few weeks back.
I ran into the problem with the Easy Installer not finishing (described here and here but was able work around this by finishing with a manual installation.

/e/ boots without errors, but the system has always been very unresponsive (freezing for 10-30 seconds) and apps frequently not responding. I even get “UI is not responding” errors multiple times a day.

Since this is my first time using /e/, I have no idea where the base line for older phones like the S8 is - if some such errors are to be expected.
But for me the use is currently very frustrating. So any help or tips to maybe better my experience would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Prior to /e/OS install what did you have running on the device.

The recommendation is to come from updated Samsung, that is the latest release containing a software revision.

I forgot to take a screenshot prior to installing /e/, so unfortunately I can’t look up the exact version anymore.
But it was was running the stock Samsung firmware on the latest official update provided by Samsung, so some Android 9.

So it looks like this is not the issue.

Full disclosure, I do not know the date of the last software revision but you can still check what you have from Settings > About phone > Android version > Vendor security patch level.

If you share that date here someone may be able to

  • look up the “final software revision” date – or simply tell by comparison with their device:
    • that this is the date of the last Samsung software revision,
    • that there is more recent revision than yours

Another thing … of course not :blush: … there is no chance that you installed dream2lte in place of dreamlte ?

For your convenience @yoomo, here you are mine, on S8 single sim, running smoothly

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Thank you @nottolino

My system looks very similar to yours, though I am not on the recent release yet.
I started with e1.9 and updated to e1.10.

As you both show 1 April 2020, I think that is ruled out, thanks @nottolino.

No, nothing as you describe.

Any time you are troubleshooting I suggest keeping Advanced Privacy turned fully off.

You might check if some app you installed is causing some disturbance by running for a good lenth of time in safe mode – long press on restart from power menu.

Can you find anything happening at the time of these symptoms.

If yes you might get a create a log with adb logcat. Be sure to note the time accurately when you see the problem.

Also with 1.10 I did not notice any problem

Thank you @nottolino and @aibd for your support.

I will try to run the troubleshooting like aibd suggested.