Sluggish (unusable) firefox on galaxy tab s6 lite

Hi, I tried searching but found out nothing, so every firefox based browser on my galaxy tab s6 lite sm-p610 is extremely sluggish, sites take forever to load and youtube videos are very sluggish, until they after playing a while, default to 480p and start playing normally. Brave on the other hand is lighting fast. There is no difference between them on my lg g3 running murena os, where both run as well as you can expect for a device so old. Firefox mobile is also running normally on every other device I have tried. It was working well for a while right after the latest update and sometimes reboot or enabling and disabling trackers from advanced privacy helps for a while. Disabling add-ons helps slightly, but not much. Right now it is unusable and doesn’t load anything. Has anyone else experienced this?

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