SM-J701F/DS - Samsung galaxy J7 Core

Samsung Galaxy J7 Core - SM J701F/DS e Ps

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any news about it ?
there is some lineage rom for it but it doesnt really work . it gives updater 7 error.
ive tried both installing as zip and installing from adb sideload. the e os for j700f wont work , and lineage also wont work…

Would be highly appricated if you can make a version for J701F …

breaks my heart that there is no such option

= \

To facilitate \e\ devs/builders, 1st search both on LOS & CrD if the device is officially supported:

If not, search XDA for a LOS-based (even unofficial) distro:

Post your findings here and, last but not least, if there are external people that is building other LOS-based distros for this device, ask them to join \e\ too.

Hope that helps.