Small review of my Teracube 2e with /e/OS


this is a little review of my Teracube 2e with /e/OS. I didn’t purchased it by Esolutions (I flashed it by self), but I think it’s now the same thing as a Murena T2e.


  • the camera is ok, but not perfect. It’s enough for me
  • the speaker is also ok, but it could be a little bit louder
  • the display is good
  • i didn’t test the fingerprinter because I don’t use those things
  • the smartphone’s microphone is ok

All in all, the hardware makes a good impression on me. Did I forget something? Tell me.

/e/OS on T2e:
The performance on my smartphone is with /e/OS better than with Stock Google Android. Only booting takes now a liitle bit longer. /e/OS works good on T2e. I am really satisfied.

All in all I would recomme the Teracube 2e with /e/OS everybody who wants a sustainable and privacy friendly midrange smartphone. I know this is just a very quick review of a very short experience with the T2e so far, but maybe I could help someone decide if this smartphone is right for them. I’m eager to hear others’ opinions about the T2e.

  • I like the (Murena) Teracube 2e.
  • I don’t like the (Murena) Teracube 2e.

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Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Your English is very good. I understood your review well! :+1::+1:

Also I have been using my teracube 2e for nearly 3 months now and I love it. Hardware is good, not cutting edge, but good. It runs well on /e/ os and the battery life is good. I easily get 2 full days on a full charge. But I am also not a heavy phone user.

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That’s good :smiley: . I can’t read it as my native language, so i don’t know how good my english is…

I didn’t wrote anything about battery, but it seems to be good also.

I bought a 2e (2022 model) from Teracube a few months ago and used LineageOS.

Today I flashed eOS on it and the experience has been good.

Everything just works. No surprises. All my eCloud data just magically appeared. The phone works well with only very minor complaints so far. (Double tap to wake up does not work, and the fingerprint reader is a bit finicky.)

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Interesting, I have had no issues with the finger print scanner. Maybe try re-programming ypur fingerprints? For me it has been very reliable

I think his reply was for @Brado

Anyway, thanks for your review. Please do some updates to review after you receive v1 update and have used it for a while.

Oops, I must have made a mistake :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Yes, I’ll do that then. Thanks for the idea!

I appreciate your comments @Philbo
I work with my hands a lot and maybe I wear my fingerprints off. :wink: It really is not much of a concern.
Like @Tux17, so far the experience has been quite good and I look forward to 1.0

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