Smart watch and /e/

I have a Samsung S9 (Starlte) with /e/ 0.22 (latest ota).
I owned a Fitbit Ionic. Bought before the acquisition by Google.
I just found out that this watch will be disabled and I will get my money back, because there is a issue with burning accu’s. The Fitbit app was working well on /e/.

But now my dilemma. I won´t buy a fitbit anymore because of Google. But what smart watch and app is working well with /e/? Samsung Galaxy Watches? I use this for sport/activity, sleep analyzing etc.

Does anyone had advise for me?

can be a watch Pine time ? personally I have not tested .

I have used Garmin multi-sport devices for several years now. Current device is Fenix 6S Solar. Previous devices were Vivoactive 3, Vivoactive HR and Vivoactive. My wife has a Venu SQ, previously a Vívosport (more like the original Fitbit trackers than a smarwtatch).

The Garmin Connect app has worked without problems on /e/OS since very early days

I have a Polar (Ignite) and the app Flow with my FP4 gives no problem to me.

Pine time is much to Dev to me.
Iĺl have a look at the Garmin’s. But they are expensive.
Other watches or brands that would work well?

Polar Ignite looks okay to me! I’ll have a look at the app too.

I use Garmin and it works great

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FP4 with e os and galaxy watch classic, no problems to me.

I have a Suunto Spartan Ultra. Forget it, the Suunto App has 8 Trackers and doesn’t even start without an online registration.

Thank you junkston and irrlicht!

I think I go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
Thank you all!

I am using a few older smart watches (Huawei Watch gen1, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch Urbane) - all of them that I got in near mint condition off of ebay for cheap - but flashed open source and privacy respecting Asteroid OS to them. There is a synchronization app in the F-droid store for these that works well on /e/ - info at

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Suunto (an experiential report): I gave the Suunto app a try.

After installation the Suunto app requires at first an online account, if the user doesn’t already have one an account must now be created, otherwise the app doesn’t start. But it doesn’t want to have any detailed data, so the other side doesn’t know very much (OK, the mobile, IP and related data in this moment). Good to have no Bluetooth connection enabled on the watch, so no data can be synchronized at the moment.

Interesting is: the online account is only needed during the first start. Later, when the app knows an account, you can indeed cut the app from all the networks and run it blind. I use NetGuard for this. Good so, no data will be shared at all with any company, platform or whomever from now on. This does also avoid several idiotic “community” messages immediately sent to the app (which is nothing else than advertising).

Then (strictly with networks off) you connect the watch the first time with the app via Bluetooth and the app will synchronize data between the watch and the mobile (this is terribly slow). The app allows also the design of the sports modes on the watch (but not as detailed as the now gone website). This way I could finally really repair some sports modes which got somehow corrupted on my watch.

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In my case on non-Google setups I mostly use an old ASUS ZenWatch 2 sparrow and AsteroidOS along with AsteroidOS Sync. Used to dual boot the watch with WearOS before fully commiting to AsteroidOS.
Awhile back I got a PineTime (no longer a dev device) with GadgetBridge. Works great with insane battery life. Lasts for days. Under $40 US you can’t go wrong.

one topic would be by me if someone use the polar flow app to synchronyse and update hardware with it.
If some issues appears with it wit the /e/os for it.

An other topic, would be to “completelly non google people” and who like foss app.
which cardio hardware and app exist so that we may use to have some info about hr and hrv of our own body ?

Here I am (as I wrote).

is for sure little bit complicated to check for update process, if it doesn’t happens so frequently.
I have a samsung galaxy s10+ with eos 1.20 T and newly a polar Polar Verity Sense.
the polar seems to work more or less fine, but by update of firmware after detection and some seconds after the update start it stop it.
The point which make me angry, is that there is no dedicated button to trigger it again. I should wait by an app synchro with the hrm that it propose it.
I can forget to update with the computer because I’ve no pc with windows or macos…
I don’t if the issue comes from eos or the polar flow cooperating with eos…

I don’t know if I understand you.
Me, when my watch doesn’t connect to the phone, I swype down from the top of the app screen. This start another syncronization.

I chose the Galaxy watch 4 first, but had a lot of problems with it on a Google free phone. Lots of resets en loosing data. Now I have a Garmin Venu 2 plus for a long time. And thos watch, including the Garmin Connect app work wonderfull on Android with MicroG.
I do not have /e/ anymore, but LineageOs+MicroG.