Smartphone doesnt start

I had a problem today, i was using camera app and suddenly smartphone screen became black. I though was battery problem so i connected to the charger but doesnt response looks like died. Only when i take off the battery and i put back it shows a samsung logo few seconds and then again becomes black. Is a software problem or a hardware problem?

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That sounds more like a hardware problem. Can you boot into TWRP Recovery?

i cannot do anything because i turn black again

Remove the battery for at least 10 minutes and leave the device without function. Maybe there was a short circuit?

If possible, replace the battery with another one.

If the device does not start with a new battery, it is probably a serious hardware defect …

i cheked already with a new battery but the same error is still happening

Are you able to get in bootloader (fastboot) mode ? If yes, reflash TWRP and than reflash eOS. Wipe only cache and davlik.

Good idea!

»Samsung devices come with a unique boot mode called “Download mode”, which is very similar to “Fastboot mode” on some devices with unlocked bootloaders. «

Power off the device, and boot it into Samsung download mode:

  • With the device powered off, hold Home + Volume Down + Power.

Then flash TWRP Recovery with Heimdall or Odin v3.14.4 et cetera pp…

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