Smartphone Murena out of order, no support

Hi there,

I bought a murena one smartphone the 14th of october. This device is a mess: freezing, rebooting several times a day.
I got in touch with the support team around the 20th of october. They answered me the 1st of november. Since then, I sent a couple of email without any answers from the support team.
I want to return my phone and my money back. Just give me the process. Bests.

Pl can you message me the email ID you used to contact the helpdesk. I can have them follow up on the refund request.

Hi Manoj,

I used this email to get in touch with the support team :

Thank you fir your help

Invoice number

A team member would be contacting you by mail ASAP to resolve this.

Thank you Manoj,

I look forward this email. Bests.

Hi Manoj,

I had a contact a contact sunday with a tech support member. He/she gave me a choice between :

  • launch a “repair process”
  • or order cancellation, device return and refund.

I chose order cancellation and refund. I’ve not received any communication from the customer support since…
The murena one, I’ll send back is like new, with all its stuff in the original box.

What’s going on ?

Here the last communication :

If you have responded to the customer support executives mail with the details, you should get a answer. They would need some time, as we get many mails on the support ID daily. That being said, you would get a response ASAP on the helpdesk thread.