Smartphone request: Realme 8

I would be very happy if eOS for the Realme 8 is offered by you =).
I am a big fan of eOS and use it on various smartphones =).
The Realme 8 is a great phone with an Amoled display that is offered at a fair price. Unfortunately, the support for the stock Rom will expire soon.
The operation is very fast, everything responds immediately, I have never had such a good phone.

Modell: RMX3085 / Realme 8 4G
All supported Android versions: Realme ui 2.0/ Android 11 / Realme ui 3.0/Android 12
What other ROM is it currently running : LineageOS 19 @Android 12L
It is maintained from Realme and LineageOS.
Is the current ROM official or unofficial?

  • Realme UI 3.0 @Android 12 = official

  • LineageOS 19.1 / STABLE @Android 12L = unofficial

LineageOS 19.1 Android 12

bengris32 and SayuZX should be involved (or, at least, informed) to us:

Anyway, if you wanna quick-test, give GSI a chance:

“Issue” (=req) opened → [REQ] \e\ and Colab autobuilder · Issue #1 · SayuZX/device_realme_RMX3085 · GitHub

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Eventually the boot.img of the Realme 8 (RMX3085) accepts Stock Android 11, Realme UI 2.0, no Android 10 based /e/OS-Q GSI (Android 10).

To be on the safe side, I would try to downgrade to firmware Android 10 Stock ROM version RMX3085_11_A.26 and only then install the /e/OS-Q V1.4 GSI (Arm64 A/B (system-arm64-ab.img.xz).

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Greetings, everyone. :slight_smile:
Another realme 8 user here.

Before working from home, I was working at a German retailer, selling smartphones.
That said, I also know, what a decent phone is like.
And I’m loving the realme 8, just as Jules16_06 does.

So far, two of its users have found this forum.
The rest is going to follow, eventually.

It is an absolute necessity of having FOSS, like /e/OS, on any device, that runs software.
How can one help getting /e/OS working on the realme 8 especially?
Is there a Liberapay campaign or something like that, to help funding the development by Murena?
If yes, where can one find it and donate for this particular port, @anon29344687 ?

The device’s system information, in my case:
“realme UI 3.0 | Android 12 | RMX3085_11_C.16”

Thanks in advance.

PS: Keep up the great work, as it has an enormously important impact on society.
Also, this forum offering 2FA is awesome. So, thanks for that, as well. :+1:

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There are some unofficial LOS builds @ XDA:

…and some (re)sources @ GitHub too:

Keep in touch with maintainers and try to ask them if they can build \e\ too.

Good luck !

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