[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Realme 8 [nashc] for /e/OS-T-

Realme 8 [nashc] for /e/OS-T-1.17


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
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Once Location spoofing in Advanced Privacy is turned on, real location doesn’t come up even after I turn off location spoofing. Real location only shows after restarting phone 2-3 times while location spoofing turned off. I tested with GPStest, it does’t show anything untill I restart phone a few times after turning off Advanced Privacy.
What can I do now?

Made a new build. You can try if it is better now


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I tried the new build and it fixed the location issue :pray:t3: but a new issue has come of very low brightness, I have to max the brightness or at least set it to 80%+ to be able to see anything while in my room. But other than that location problem is now gone and even the apps which could somehow detect mock locations are working now as usual.

Edit - After 2 days and a few restarts even brightness has returned to normal and now everything is working well.
Thanks for the build :pray:t3:

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Any gcam and even stock Camera can’t capture at 1080p 60fps, eis doesn’t works, while registering and verifying fingerprint, screen lighten up at full brightness along with scanner, finger takes time to get registered. Btw, I’m literally impressed by the rom, battery backup :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:, awsm optimization, I haven’t seen such amazing optimization in any other 45 roms in last six months, I would like to see more builds from you, and this Eos literally needs more exposure, I would like to see your work in Realme 8 AOSP Grp too → https://t.me/Realme8AOSPGroup