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Because of simplicity…

OK, never used Github before. Terminology and layout unusual.

I have been watching some YT videos on Github.

For dinosaurs like me, clone repo just means download to computer.

This is done by clicking on code (near top right), and selecting your preferred download option. Mine was zip.

Unpack zip, download Visual Studio Code app, to be able to read readme file MD.

Download Python 3.10 and set up.

Now I am stuck again, I input my email and Zep password into, there is what looks like another user input - self.method = method, not sure what to put there so left it, but when I run the module I get the error in the photo.

Any ideas, thanks

the About /e/ page of the /e/ Foundation website says

Focus on the User

We live and breathe technology, but we want our products and services to be simple to use on a daily basis.

So simplicity is explicitly within the spirit of this particular degogled OS.

Many users of this forum try to help and encourage users who may find the current state of play in the /e/OS world to be not quite as simple as they would like. That seems to me a more constructive approach than telling them to reflash the vendor stock image or to choose another custom ROM.


So it looks from the mentioned README that there are still one or two steps to do with the “token”. The message does not seem to be reporting an error, it just has still to join up all corners of the triangle!

Edit: Took to long to write my answer while at work, so i missed the meanwhile written posts…

Did you enter the commands shown in the README after python install?

Can you confirm python is working? →

Yes, Python is working.

I hadn’t installed PIP but I have now.

I also selected desktop launcher, but one doesn’t appear.

This is what I get now

The line where the problem is reported

The requirements file says


Not sure what this means.

Also readme says logging in with Amazfit account - Run script with your credentials: python3 – method amazfit --email --password your_password --bt_keys`

But in the file there is no mention of bt_keys` after account and password. Is that needed? As whenever I tray to add bt text I get an error. If I need to add it, can someone please give me a clear example. Thanks

As shown in the (chapter “Usage”) it stands for:

--bt_keys         Get bluetooth tokens of paired devices 

At this point i cannot retrace on which step you get stuck. Additionally i don´t have used IDLE Shell for running those scripts but Windows CMD, navigate in the right directory and run those scripts. I don´t have installed “desktop launcher” nor “Visual Studio Code app”.

Can you try those steps mentioned in this manual by simply open CMD as admin user, navigate into your directory where huami_token downloads are stored and copy/paste the script, change your individual credentials in script and confirm that? Output should be exactly look alike as shown in “sample usage” in the

In short: Be careful when reading out the key with a third-party app.


I use an Amazfit Bip U Pro.
To install it under the gadget bridge, I needed the Amazfit’s key.
I looked for an app on the internet to read out the keys and found it. The key was read out cleanly and I deleted the app. However, an unknown app (hidden in the system apps) remained on the mobile phone, I think a kind of virus.
I had suspected this before and therefore used an old, unused mobile phone to read out the key, so I did not suffer any damage and of course deleted the app from the old mobile phone anyway.

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The readme shows this

The input area in the app shows

Do I need to add bt_keys to the class HuamiAmazfit: input string?

All i can say is that i used the script in original form as posted in that manual. I wasn´t requiered to manipulate a string or something, just did it with CLI.

Deleted as future changes will gen new key. I really hate this tool.

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