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I don’t know if I’m posting on the right place, if not I do apologise and ask the admin to please forward me to the right place, thank you :blush:
I have a Samsung smartwatch active 2 and I’m very happy with it. After installing /e/ on my Samsung S8 (which I love BTW!) I sadly realised that I can’t connect my smartwatch to it. As much as I love my smartwatch, I’m willing to try an alternative with a privacy-oriented app that connects the smartwatch to /e/ in order to exchange information.
I have a Mi band 5 as an viable alternative but I’d prefer a ‘real’ smartwatch, so please give me suggestions for both smartwatch and app, thanks in advance.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Forget all the Suunto watches.

These are exactly the things you should think about in advance :roll_eyes: :joy:

Methinks your Mi might work with Gadgetbridge (Use your Pebble/Bip/Miband/Hplus/[more] and keep your data private!)

Other than that I have no suggestion that are on a level like the Samsung smart watches.


I knew beforehand that samsung wear only works on non rooted samsung OS’s, I just thought (and kind of hoped) there was an alternative app for it.

I read about Gadgetbridge, you can even connect amazfit smartwatches AFAIK, that could definitely be an option :+1:

The Pine64 PineTime is an interesting project. Not sure if the apps are released now, but I know there’s at least two guys currently working on Android and iOS apps.

Yes, this works fine. I am using Amazfit GTR 2e with Gadgetbridge on /e/ without any hassle. Used Apple Watch for years and Amazfit for about 6-7 Months now…and i can honestly say i don´t miss the Apple Watch. GTR 2e has no WiFi, no LTE (but it has a microphone!), no onboard storage and you can still call it a “smart” watch. In case of privacy improvement, battery run time (nearly 3 weeks in my case) and price it is absolutely worth a try.

Thank! That’s great news, will definitely give it a go ASAP :blush:

El-Barto, I was obviously too entrenched in the Apple Eco System, I have never seen these Amazfit watches. They look great, and I like this Gadgetbridge app.

I had high expectations for the Apple watch, but though its a powerful machine, its too locked down, and not able to fulfill its potential. I always hoped I could take my watch to the beach and answer work calls and emails, just using the watch. Have a File system where you could cut and paste standard replies and stored photos, PDFs etc to an email. I know a watch is not an ideal device, but its useful at the beach, the device waterproof, on your wrist, so cant be lost or stolen, and you can enjoy yourself, but not miss a deal! I look forward to the day that becomes reality.

Except the beach (and answering emails on that little screen) that was my intention too. I thought it could be a phone device for any kind of situation where i couldn´t have access to my much bigger smartphone. This is why i chose the last Apple Watch with LTE and eSIM, but without bluetooth headset you cannot use it as a self-sufficient phone - although it has a microphone and a speaker built in. I guess Apple wants to sell more earpods but they killed my lifetime dream of being Michael Knight talking to the Watch and calling K.I.T.T. (or at least anybody else).

How restricted are you with what you can do with your watch using GadgetBridge as opposed to the specific app for the watch?

Is there any way other than using the manufacturers app, to get music files on the watch?


We are all different and have different want/needs.

Ultimately, I prefer to do work and personal stuff on my 27" iMac, if in bed then on my iPad, if out and about used to be my iPhone now my e/os Samsung.

But sometimes, I want to go to the beach and enjoy myself. If I get home and find I lost a few thousand euros because I didn’t get back to a client before a competitor did I wouldnt be happy.

I would happily struggle with a little screen if I was contacted by an existing or potential client.

A quality smart watch would give me an extra level of freedom to have fun and not worry about missing out on a deal.

More convenience can come at the cost of usability.

The GTR 2e (and GTS 2e) don´t have internal storage for (music) files. Available internal storage can be used for storing watch faces and data from tracking activities f.e. If you want to have features like a bigger internal storage, you should take a look for the models without the ´e´ (f.e. GTR 2).

I have no restrictions for the daily use with Gadgetbridge, actually i am using it especially for tracking sport activities and observing battery usage. There are more features which are posted on codeberg website for gadgetbridge.

The official Zepp app is only in use for checking for firmware updates. While not in use, i disconnect Zepp via Tracker Control. Overall it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

@El-Barto thanks for all the information, I’ll check for the gtr2e, I personally don’t need GPS or internal storage, mostly just basic stuff like receiving messages, heart rate monitoring and music control.

I have just got the Amazfit GTR 2 stainless. Very impressed, seems great for the price. Its extremely comfortable.

Is there a idiots guide to Gadgetbridge, it looks quite daunting?

Says Key Required and this device needs a secret auth key, long press on the device to enter it.

Yes, there is a pretty good guidance on codeberg website:
There is a link to a “huami token” python script, which you´ll have to download and run in terminal on your PC. Here´s the Readme. It works with Amazfit or Xiaomi Account and it worked perfect for me (used it twice after changing smartphone). Second possibility is huafetcher app, but i haven´t tried this.

Sorry, all I see is bla bla bla.

Need something for a simpleton.

Do I cut and paste files to command line. Can I download files, I am well out of my depth here.

Flash original vendor OS, Lineage with gapps, but no microg based OS.
Then everything is simple.

Your requirements does not fit the spirit of a degoogled OS. Sorry

That reply is really not helpful. What is it about @Confused’s requirements that do not fit with your view of the “spirit of a degoogled OS”?

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