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I noticed that when you receive a photo and you click on it, you can scroll left and see all the old photos even if you didn’t recorded it in the gallery. Some are quite personal (Ex: id) I deleted them long ago in the gallery. Is the a way to autodelete all photos not registered in the gallery ?

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Each of the photos can be deleted individually in the text conversation itself. Long press the photo and there is a delete icon in the upper right. If there are multiple photos in the same text conversation you want to delete you can again long press one photo and then tap each other photo you want to delete and then tap delete icon.


Thanks for the answer but what you describe is in the gallery app.
I’m talking about the SMS app.

When you receive a photo by SMS, click on it and scroll left again and again. All history SMS photos is recorded inside the SMS app.
You’ll see many photos who are not in the gallery.
They are probably in the SMS app database.
You can’t delete them.


Some images you may find under /storage/emulated/0/Message/Media/ (or `/sdcard/…/ depending on file manager).

I also have images in /sdcard/QKSMS/. I believe that’s an old location from way back (on a device that originally had /e/OS Nougat but never QKSMS itself).

I looked through Message’s data under /data/data/ and didn’t see any identifiable image files.
Maybe clear cache?

What’s interesting is that the Message/Media/ directory only has two images but the Message app threads have several more that can be scrolled through as you mentioned.
In one thread tapping on the three-dot menu will show options as well as all images therein. Those images are not in the aforementioned locations nor in Gallery.

Ah. I see. Images are located under /data/data/foundation.e.message/cache/image_manager_disk_cache/.
Removing the contents removed all images from Message app. Given that the filenames are gibberish you cannot remove files that way in practice. Plus a blank message is left where the image was. Imagine a thread full of timestamped empty posts.
As mentioned, you need to delete images manually from within the SMS app, There is no other way.

Thanks for your answer.

Don’t you think this could be a privacy problem ?

Is e/ team able to modify QKSMS ?


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