SMS auto reply app needed

Can anybody recommend an app which works on /e/ OS for automatically replying to incoming SMS messages? I tried a couple found via Aurora Store but they don’t work.

Really? Nobody knows of such an app? Am I alone in wanting this functionality?

I searched around for FOSS apps to do that but haven’t found anything other than Watomatic (for WhatsApp and FB Messenger).
Oh wait, there is something on F-Droid. A bit old but maybe…


There’s almost nothing at its GitHub, with the last issue from 2017 claimimg it doesn’t work.

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Thanks, I already looked at that but it doesn’t work on my phone. Presumably, as per the app warning, because the phone operating system is too new.

Yes, it’s strange that no such apps exist. A similar feauture works in the PhoneTrack app from F-Droid. It responds to an SMS that contains a certain keyword, reporting location and battery status.