SMS - can receive, cannot send after update to v1.15

Gigaset GS-290
Upgraded to /e/OS v1.15 last week, since then cannot send any SMS messages. Everything else appears normal. I’m almost certain that the upgrade has caused the issue (BTW it would be useful to see exactly what date/time the upgrade occured).

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I have tried a different SMS client, checked the SMSC code is correct (it is missing, so I add it).
Also reset network settings. Still cannot send, this happens for any contact.

This reply in the French Language section of the forum may be of interest:

…which Deepl translates as

Hi, we’ve identified the regression and the team is working on how to resolve it as quickly as possible. It shouldn’t take long. In fact, it’s not a problem with the access points (APN) but with a software layer that manages the communication and connectivity part. Thank you for your patience. Alexis


Thanks for the confirmation, I’ve spent at least two hours trying to fix the issue, as no-one replied in a week I thought it must be an issue with my phone.

I’m surprised no-one replied in a week about a show stopper like SMS send failure.

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This is a community forum - people reply (or not) when they find time. If you want an official response then either

  • raise an issue in gitlab, but don’t expect an instant response - the development team are pretty busy OR
  • if you bought your phone from /e/, the email the helpdesk
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Should have posted in [/e/OS en Français]…[support] where there’s far more footfall. Hopefully there won’t be a next time. If there is, will try not to confuse that channel’s readers with my meagre French :slight_smile:

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I usually write “Excusez-moi de répondre / poster en Anglais” , then write my post in English, with a translation from DeepL posted below. It’s a friendly, helpful community, and worth following :slight_smile:

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