SMS Synchronisation e/OS -> Linux


Since I wanted to use e/OS because it is a deGoogled OS, I would like not to use the Google message app, but the native one (forked from QKSMS)

However, it does not offer a search engine to search inside the conversation, whereas Google app does.
So I am looking for a easy way to synchronyse my SMS with my PC (I use XUbuntu) so that I can use the search engine of my PC
I would prefer the synchronisation be via USB or Bluetooth, instead of WIFI, and of course respect itself my privacy

Any idea, please?

Thank you for your help,


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

On top of my sms screen there is a search window



KDEConnect worth a try, according to their wiki it includes a desktop SMS app.


Thank you for your answer!
Indeed there is a search window, but I fear it does not search inside the SMS conversation, it give you only the whole conversation
Thanks again!

Thank you, I will try!!


No, it allows you to search for a keyword for example and shows you all the conversations where this keyword is found. If you click on a particular conversation you can see the number of iterations where the keyword appears and navigate from one to another with an arrow at the top of the screen.
My version of Message : 3.9.4

Thank you very much for notifying it to mee!!
Thanks again

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Switch to Plasma and feel the love of KDE connect like @smu44 suggests.
You can even install it on top of Xfce via terminal so you dont lose any data :smiley:

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Thank you! I have to learn what are Plasma XFce first!
Thanks again

Both KDE Plasma and Xfce are what’s called desktop environments (or DE) which composes the graphic user interface of your Linux distribution. You’re using Ubuntu with Xfce right now, also known as Xubuntu. Ubuntu can also use KDE Plasma and is called Kubuntu. You can easily make the switch from Xfce to KDE Plasma. Try this guide for instance:

In all, KDE is the most lovely DE :smiley:

Catch me on Matrix if you want chat support :wink:

@Macrophag: is there anything similar for mint-cinammon ?

I honestly dont know that there is - KDE reigns supreme :stuck_out_tongue:

Please read here: KDEConnect - KDE UserBase Wiki


KDE Connect can also be used on the standard Ubuntu desktop (Gnome Shell).

So it does not seem to be KDE-dependent and should work on Mint, no?

You might be better informed than I am, but to my knowledge the GNOME adaptation is very much so-so :person_shrugging:

[Edit: Changed browser extension to shell extension]

There is a Gnome shell extension called gsconnect that talks to the KDE Connect App. The SMS window is a bit flaky, but I hope it will get better.

Indeed the GUI for SMS is very basic, and the messages synchronisation is slow… But for the other functions (file sharing, notifications, PC remote control…) it works well.

Do you know if this could also work on Manjaro, rpm based linux?