SNAPDRAGON Samsung S9 Plus

Hi all,

I’m looking to install /e/OS on my Samsung S9+. However the CPU type, is not in the supported list. This is due (I assume) to not having an unlocked bootloader unless you run specific firmware (Magisk). For my purposes, I would just like assistance as to whether it would be a good idea to run firmware to unock my phone’s bootloader and then run the install software, despite seeing it’s not supported. Any other feedback is appreciated.

PS: I’ve enabled developer mode, however I do not have the result ‘OEM Unlocking’, which is required for unlocking the bootloader

PSS: I’ve also heard lineageOS phones not being the easiest to install with snapdragon, wherein xda guides have followed the same firmware into install steps update: this may no longer be needed in newest versions: [ROM] [11.0] [UNOFFICIAL] [STABLE] LineageOS 18.1 for S9 and S9+ (Snapdragon) | XDA Forums

Thanks for your help

Interestingly that ROM seems to be built for Device trees:

I am guessing your device is showing such devicecode?

No, /e/ has not been built for these devices to my knowledge. I will include another Device tree, sdm845-common, in case of interest to any potential builder.

You are correct in your assumption that the locked bootloader on these devices is the blocker.

The model is the SDM845 and the device model is SM-G965U1. A quick google search means it would be the star2qltesq.

After scrolling through forum posts for hours I’m determining whether to give up. The process for unlocking the bootloader for Snapdragon CPUs was being developed by illiwiger, however they’ve ghosted and their website and contact links no longer work. This whole process was supposed to be a fun waste of time and now it’s consuming my soul as to whether I should try the /e/OS installer and pray it works and recover if it doesn’t.

I should give your soul a break. /e/ won’t install nor run, sorry, I was insufficiently blunt.

I have zero experience of that enterprise to work around the Samsung locked Snapdragon bootloader. If it works for that Lineage ROM that would be fun, but the /e/ ROM is not built on that foundation. This would require a very special build.

Thanks, I might try lineage.