Snappymails lists all mail accounts to all users

I’ve updated selfhosted ecloud from 24.0.8 to 24.0.10, which now uses snappymail as default mail client. I really appreciate that change, because snappymail has some really nice functions which where missing in rainloop.

However, after importing all rainloop data to snappymail as suggested in the update instructions, now all /e/-users have access to my e-mail accounts, but their own accounts are not listed. If that other /e/-user delete the e-mail accounts to put in their own, they are also deleted in may /e/-account.

Is there a solution or do I have to delete the snappymail database and start adding accounts from scratch? If so, what do I have to do?

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I deleted snappymail database and I was able to start over with the mail accounts, but the problem persists. Each user sees my e-mail accounts. Obviously snappymail cannot seprate the /e/-user accounts for a reason.

Hi @Epsilon

Nice to see you have upgraded your instance.

now all /e/-users have access to my e-mail accounts

Could you please help me understand on what you mean by this? Who has access to all your email accounts?

do I have to delete the snappymail database

Which database are you referring to?


Hi Nivesh,

I’ll try to explain further: I have an admin account on my selfhosted ecloud and I have added some family members with their own accounts. With rainloop, each family member hat access to the mail accounts they have added rainloop only, but now with the switch to snappymail, all family members see my e-mail accounts in snappymail, not their own ones. I hope this makes the issue clear.

In /mnt/repo-base/volumes/nextcloud/data there is a directory called “appdata_snappymail”. This is the one I refer to as “snappymail database” sloppily.



Having upgraded 2 of my self-hosted, I can’t reproduce your problem :confused:

Is it about accounts, or email messages?
Are your users seeing each other’s emails, or just yours?
Did you install any SnappyMail plugin, except Nextcloud?

Can you ask one of the users, what he have in https://{yourdomain.tld}/settings/user/additional ?

Hi Sylvain,

I have restored my 24.0.8 version from a backup and restarted the upgrade, this time without importing rainloop data to snappymail, and everything works fine. I don’t know whether the import was the culprit, but to be honest, I don’t want to retry the import to find out :wink:


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Interesting that it’s working without the import!

Please don’t forget to tell your users (if they used them with Rainloop) about contacts link and filters.

I had to add the accounts manually to snappymail, but at least they are separated by user. The first time when I did the import all users (family members) could only see my mail accounts (and the messages obviously) and not their owns.

I just discovered that the issue comes up (again?) after the update to snappymail v. 2.27.3. You can try to reproduce if you like.

Any news on that topic? Is it safe to update to 2.27.3?

No clue here, I don’t manually upgrade Nextcloud apps provided by Murena :wink:
Sorry, out of free time here so I can’t reproduce on a test instance.

You can try to:

  • stop nextcloud container, delete it (the container, not the image)
  • take backup of /mnt/repo-base/volumes/nextcloud (didn’t check that path, may not be accurate, please see docker-compose.yml file)
  • from /mnt/repo-base, run docker-compose up -d, this should recreate nextcloud container as provided by Murena