SnoopSnitch -Detection of silent SMS and IMSI catchers

Does anyone run the Snoopsnitch app with Android e? I’m referring to the core function of the app that allows you to detect silent sms and IMSI catchers on rooted phones with Snapdragon processors. I have installed this app, but so far I can only do the patch level analysis.


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look like I have the same thing here :slight_smile:

It claim to need a rooted phone in order to perform the silent SMS and IMSI catchers detection …

my phone is not rooted, is yours ?

I tried it too a while ago and it required a rooted phone to perform network analysis…

I can enable “rooted debugging” in the developer optione. If the phone is rooted, SnoopSnitch has access to the /dev/diag interface The problem is, that Snoopsnitch is not compatible with most custom ROMs. Maybe they are lacking this interface. And maybe there is a possibility to install this interface on Android e anyway.

thank to your message, I tried enabling “rooted debugging”, but it doesn’t solve the problem : the app claim to need access to su :

Network scan is not possible.

REANSON :Your device is not rooted (no su inary found).
SnoopSnitch’s network scan will not work properly.

Visit the project website …

Root means rooted ROM such as SuperSU, Magisk, KernelSU, phh SuperUser, and the like.

My tests showed that the app’ s Network Analysis does not work anyway, at least on my Qualcomm devices. The Patch Analysis works on all.

  1. Moto G5 Plus potter, HavocOS Pie, microG.
  2. Moto G5 S Plus sanders, crDroid Oreo, microG.
  3. Essential PH-1 mata, /e/OS 1.8.1-q, Android Q, microG.
  4. Essential PH-1 mata, LeOS-R GSI, Android 11, microG.
  5. OnePlus 8T, crDroid Android 11, microG.

All are rooted.

An issue already exists so I added my input to it.
Could not initialize DIAG interface, OnePlus 8 Pro · Issue #7

With so many ‘failures’ I’m not sure this app is usable. The documentation does mention that it probably won’t work with custom ROMs.
This is the dialog that pops up on all devices…

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The Snoopsnitch app basically works. There are no problems on my old rooted AGM A8 smartphone.
The Android e documentation suggests that the system is fully rooted by enabling “rooted debugging”:
Now we need to look for a way to make the diagnostic interface usable for Android e.