Snowden and privacy

I am really curious, is Snowden for us? One of my friends said to me that Snowden is only a puppet, what is the truth? Is he safe to trust?

I.e. could I take his recommendations at face value?
Is it safe for us, the /e/ community, to recommend apps just because he does?

Never totally trust anybody. Ask other people about apps.

But calling someone who risked his life like Snowden did a puppet is an insult.


Well, I agree with that. I didn’t call him a puppet for sure! Neither do I agree with that opinion.

I guess probably the best thing to do is to research every apps before installing!

Well I’m going to give as an example any of the many companies that pollute our water and earth irresponsibly by dumping dangerous products. Then ask some questions: do these companies have anything to gain from this practice? Is there anything to lose? Can it be done at all? You know the answer to every question. Now let’s ask the same questions in a different context:

  • Do government agencies have the technical ability to engage is mass surveillance? (Can it be done)

  • Is there any benefit for government agencies to engage in mass surveillance on its citizens with thier consent? (Is there a reason to do it)

  • Is there any benefit for government agencies to engage in mass surveillance on its citizens without their consent? (Is there a reason not to do it)

Now let’s ask similar questions about Snowden:

  • Is there any benefit for him should you take his advise?

  • Is there any benefit for any of the services he recommends?

  • Do any of the recommendations hurt you in any way?

  • Do they cost you anything?

  • Is there anything for you to gain by following any or every of his recommendations?

  • Does it cost you anything to do so? (yes, again)

The services that he and many other computer scientists and security researchers recommend are open source. If you have the technical ability you can audit them yourself, or review the reports from independent 3rd parties that do this for you. But even if you don’t you can trust the human nature behind the answers to the questions above. Whether he is a puppet or not is totally beyond the point.


Permanent Record was published yesterday.

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He verified what we already knew or suspected.

Now, it is totally up to you to follow him or not. One cannot force us, they can also share their independent ideologies.

I know this is an old post. But reading the book “permanent record” from him let me install /e/.
I would never “follow” a person totallay. I prefer to built my own opinion, considering “this from him” and “that from her”…


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Edward Snowden did not recommend /e/ directly.
But he gives several ideas about security and privacy which lead me to do some research… Where I finally found /e/


That’s great. Mind sharing those resources? Always curious about privacy things… :slight_smile:

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Oh well over an hour before the trolling flaggers got going. :crazy_face:
What will Snowden make of this censorship?

@Andy 1: think posts are automatically hidden Ehen there is no activity for 14 days.

@Donut3: Snowden talks about General privacy things. Like OS (Android, Windows, IOS) spying a lot and is making people generally aware of privacy. AS for Desktop OS he is recommending TAILS and CUBE OS. As for Mobile OS he is recommending alternative distributions… I think he mentioned lineageos… But I can be wrong.

I was never a friend of Google, amazon, facebook so this book was the final hint to change my mobile OS…

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Okay @Roger and @donut3.

To make simple; conduct a search for locked threads under Data Privacy section. You will find from a couple of days to many months. This gives lie to being Automatic - unless anyone can provide an algorithm. Of course it goes without saying as to WHY as most community members will already know.

Just as I said (reveal ignored content above) Snowden would never recommend /e/. Now I say he would never recommend lineageos. it’s a no brainer. Just search for “Snowden GrapheneOS tweet” for his ONLY mobile OS recommendation. Let me know if you find different - thanks.

will buy the book in September, in pocket format.
but is there a link to somewhere he gives some recommendations (I’ve been to but didn’t found advices).

Hi @loki, wish I could help you directly but just had six more posts flagged and hidden by the trolls - making about 21 posts in all. You can reveal my ignored posts above that they do not wish you to see as they, obviously by example, hate transparency.
Or search “Snowden GrapheneOS tweet” for yourself or send me PM and I will give you any help you may need.

I won’t use grapheneOS, /e/ is enough for me. would like to use some good paid apps, better with MicroG support, but i would have to create a google account… (i only had a youtube account years ago, before google merged them, and I was on iphone).
Just wanted other types of advices but will find some in the book., and ty for the twitter account.

Controlled opposition was always used. You cannot fully trust all public figures because of this.
I mean look at Joe Rogan here
Right? heh
So it is up to each individual to pursue truth via logic and open mindedness.
It all adds up or not, qui bono? This was the logic for centruries going back to Romans.
Now it’s

Okay @loki - you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.
I totally respect your freedom to chose your own path and to comment freely.
If you are determined to use mainstream apps please do not believe you will have any form of real security come privacy and be aware that your data may be leaked or slurped as some experts call it.
Please let us know what you find of use in the book as Snowden has already tweeted; issuing warnings on the apps you propose and your browser too. :confounded:
I wish you good luck.

Yes I agree (21 of my posts here hidden or deleted) with that but would like to say that there is a huge difference in intellect between that tuber and Edward Snowden.
Though some here have tried to besmirch him it is obvious that he not only risked his life to reveal the truth behind the lies they feed us but lost his personal life and some freedoms as well. Don’t forget Julian is still banged up in the UK. :frowning_face:
As for your second link - my browser took me to an advertising page for a shed-load of movies - so cannot understand.
I am Spartacus - no, I am Spartacus - Hey, me too! :speech_balloon: