So, it is MURENA ! ... Long life to Murena!

As for Mandrake-Linux, the new name is a comic’s title :

French : Murena — Wikipédia

English : Murena (comic book) - Wikipedia

Murena smartphones and cloud will protect our privacy | by GΛËL DUVΛL | Oct, 2021 | Medium


Nice name. Should I wear heavy gloves when I use my Mur/e/na ???


It’s a car, actually.
I hope nobody else owns the rights to the name anymore and senses likelihood of confusion :slight_smile: .



OK, but not the OS.
It’s still /e/OS

How do you pronounce it? Looks like an Arabic name.


“Mareena” is an Arabic name for women.

I like it. Good work.

Is this the new name of the e Foundation or the e/OS or both?

None of them !

It may be a brand name for paid things : phone, cloud.
commercialised by E.solussions
“running an E.corp/OS ?”

based on the /e/OS
from 's development,
beta-tested by the




The link to the explanation is given in the first post.

Yes, I was scrolling quickly and missed it.

I doubt that it helps to keep the old name of the operating system, but time will tell.


Do you know for a fact that this is named after a comic, or are you just guessing? It would really be useful if there was an official announcement from the E foundation that described why such a rename was necessary, and what the new name means. The post that you link to is simply a personal blog by Gael.

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I don’t care, I’ll just call it Murena from now on and I dare anyone to try and stop me :joy:.

No, srsly, when I started looking into custom roms, it actually took me a while to understand, that /e/ was not some piece of code or android insider talk, but an actual OS I could install. I really didn’t understand what folks in the Fairphone forum were talking about, suggesting to install this mysterious letter.