Soft to backup apps+appsdata without root?


I’ve tried Helium but it’s not working.
Ultimate Backup Tool from xda looks cool but I can’t download it (too much bandwith used on Google cloud).

Any other suggestion ?

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You can’t be into the system and backup data of other apps without a root access since it’s a protected part.

But you can backup the entire data partion (and system and others partitions) outside the system : in TWRP.

For those with root access, I recommend OAndBackupX, available in the /e/ Apps installer and F-Droid.

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I never has gotten a full restore with it. I prefer Titaniumbackup pro (root needed). It’s a paid version, but the dev will send you the licence file.

Have a look at this project on XDA
I did some experiments with it before I started flashing /e/ on my phone. I didn’t really use it in anger to backup and restore, but it looked quite promising. It is under active development, and the author / developer is responsive to questions in the forum.

At the moment, I use TWRP for my backups. Reboot into recovery, and backup data partition. This is a bit ‘all or nothing’: there’s no way (that I have found) to restore just one app and / or its data. The project linked above will allow that I beleive.

I had another look at the information for that project, and it says that it requires

a rooted Android device (either by adbd unsecure or by e.g. Magisk / SuperSU)

So I guess it’s not suited to your purpose. However I did do some experiments back in May on my phone which is definitely not rooted.
Looking back at my notes, I did have some success with backing up and restoring Apps, but none with restoring data. That wouldn’t be too big an issue for me, as most of my data (contacts, calendar, notes, documents, email) are synced with or stored in a cloud somewhere. It may be worth having a play, and seeing if it can be made to meet at least some of your requirements.


Thanks for your answers but since data partition is encrypted, I don’t know if TWRP backup is going to work…

With rooted device, I used to backup with TitaniumBackup but without root , it looks complicated.

As I said, I tried Helium made by the ClockWorkMod dev but it doesn’t work well (uses adb from a desktop PC).

I wanted to download UBT from here:

but dropbox free bandwith is already exausted.

Any other idea ?

I thought some more about this. In Settings | Developer options there is a setting ‘Root access’. In my phone, which is not rooted, the available options are ‘Disabled’ and ‘ADB only’. I’m pretty sure I set this to ‘ADB only’ which gave enough access for android-backup-project to work as much as it did


It’s an interesting project. Works with /data unencrypted.
In my case, /data is encrypted and because it relies on TWRP (I suppose), it can’t access it.
Anyway, thanks for helping.

On most of the phone, TWRP asks for the password and can then read the data partition. But on some phone it doesn’t work, especially Samsung phones like my J5 2015.

Try to go into TWRP > Mount > select data.
If the box stays unticked, we are in the same situation.

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