Hey /e/-Fairphoners,

I am very happy with my FP4 and /e/ but I have still some small issues to solve. Due to this I want to kindly ask for help and advise here:

  1. Newpipe doesn’t work
    After opening any video it shows a error screen
    Has anyone the same problem?

  2. Bluetooth “HD” doesn’t “play the music”
    Connecting with my Soundcore+ works fine. Receiving a phone call over it works fine. But playing any sound or music only works with SBC-Codec

  3. One-Button switch of Network-Type
    I am looking for a possibility to switch from 2G to 4G by just one Button… such as Gravity-Box offered my on my FP1

  4. Is there a way to reduce to loudness of a phonecall-voice more than by volume button
    On my FP1 I typed in a special phone number with several # and * and was so able to enter a menu where I could change the standart loudness of voices via phone calls…
    Does such a thing still exist?

  5. Telegram Messenger often doesn’t notify me
    Telegram Messenger only sometimes notifies me about a received message…
    Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you so far for your help


make sure you updated Newpipe to the latest version (0.21.16), previous versions stopped working because of some changes on Youtube’s end.

music playback via Bluetooth works fine on my Sony XM4s.

Newpipe: Yes! Thank you very much :slight_smile: F-Droid stores an older version of it…

Bluetooth: So you are using the Qualcomm@ aptX Codec?

Short Bluetooth Update:

I now found out that FP4 is by hardware capable of both: Qualcomm@ aptX and SBC
But Fairphone decided to not enable aptX in order to save costs Qualcomm would have raised otherwise…

Yes. I realized I’ve not the latest version be a us I installed it from an apk and not from a store. When I installed the new one, a message regardless “push notificaton” advise on problem like this you mentioned, related the use of battery in background. Maybe this link can help you:

Thank you so far…
Telegram-FOSS seams to solve the problem for the moment :slight_smile:

You may notice this happening again sometime in the future, the cause it that g occassionaly changes their api, and it takes newpipe a while to issue a new release - then it takes a while for that new version to arrive in Apps and f-droid.
Super app though.