Software update 0.14 issue on Fairphone 3

Hi, I have been using a Fairphone 3 on V0.13 in the UK, last night I got a notification for an update to V0.14. I downloaded and installed this and was prompted to restart phone which I did. On restart I got a screen saying that the software was corrupt and gave me 2 options, try again or factory reset phone. I managed to get the phone to boot up in V0.13 again after a few cycles of power. I dont really want to reset all my data on the phone, is there a work around for this issue?

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Can you delete the update from the system update and retry downloading?

I’ve had the update to stable just there and it’s succeeded. Maybe your download was interrupted?

It looked like the download completed and went through the install process as at the end it asked me to restart the phone. Any idea on how to remove the downloaded update?

As FP3 is a so called a/b-device, you may be able to boot into the old (working) system by following this instructions: FP3 latest update corrupt, doesnt work