[SOLVED] €5 donation to e-foundation


Is it possible to lower the donation threshold to €5 ?

The community is large and members come from different backgrounds with uneven incomes.

I believe a €5 donation should be accessible for an even larger portion of members. Thus bringing more contributors to the projects.



Hi @awal will pass on the suggestion.

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You can also use Patreon link.

Is there a way to support /e/ on a monthly basis without becoming a patreon member?
Just checked their fees and I think that 8% of the monthly donations + payment fees is quiet a significant amount of money that does not go to /e/ but to patreon. If there’s a way around this, I’d love to consider becoming a monthly supporter.

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These are the available options for supporting /e/ and also here

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I see, thanks. What would be the best way for donating to /e/ where as little money as possible goes to the payment providers?


Thank you! Glad to see the €/$ 5 option :grinning:


Hello, is there a way to donate via

  • SEPA payement
  • Direct Debit

to cut off transfer fees.
If yes, please provide us with the corresponding IBAN info.

Hi @awal you can send a mail to contact@e.email and they will share the IBAN number.

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