[Solved] App for eCloud?

I just signed up for eCloud and I’m primarily using it to transfer some data from my old phone to the new one. I imagine I’ll be using it more in the future.

The only annoying thing is that I can only access ecloud via web browser. I can’t seem to find an app that will allow me to manage by cloud data without a browser. Am I missing something? Is there an ecloud app that I just haven’t found?


Use DAVx5 from F-droid. Server address ecloud.global

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Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to install DAVx5 and log-in to my account. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to support data files, just syncing contacts, calendar and tasks. I will mostly be using the cloud for files, so I’ll have to keep looking.

Ok, for data files you will need nextcloud client from f-droid

With nextcloud client installed, the folders in your eCloud will be visible in the File app.

nextcloud client also allows you to synchronise folders to eCloud, but be careful because /e/ already synchronises the predefined folders in eCloud with your phone(s).

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Mhm, I think already have written that he will need NC client for file sync :thinking:

And he was looking for sync app for his none eOS device. So the file sync with e-sync app/synced files on his eOS device is OK.

Thanks for all the tips! NextCloud is exactly what I was looking for, and I like that I can access it from the file directory. I have most of the automatic syncing turned off already. I just want to easily access certain files from my computer and also transfer from my old device. Thanks for the help, loving /e/ so far!

I don’t see any cloud files in the Files app? Maybe Documents is synced to the cloud but the files app for me only shows files on the device. I can’t browse the cloud.

I could try the nextcloud app but I would expect the files app to be able to browse my cloud

Am I missing something?



Add a Nextcloud-account in the phone’s ->settings ->accounts manager ?

Whatever you expect, Files will only have access to the files in your /e/ cloud account if you install the NextCloud app.

/e/ could have chosen to make that file sync functionality part of /e/ OS, by including the NextCloud app (or their own fork of it) -in the same way they included a fork of DAVx5 to handle Contacts and Calendar sync, and a fork of NextCloud Notes for Notes sync - but they chose not to. So if you want that functionality, you have to install it yourself.

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That did the trick! Thanks. I use nextcloud on my still g**gled phone but I thought there must be a stock way to do it and was sure I saw a screenshot of the files app with other sources in. Now I have it in my files app.


Hello, I don’t see ecloud files in my files app and not the nextcloud logo on the left side of the screen in files app. I want to sync single files to ecloud, like keepass file and etc. Is this possible? Can’t find anywhere settings for file syncing to ecloud with nextcloud app.

You have to add an account in NextCloud app and give details if your ecloude account: sever is ecloud.global, and your full e.email address is username

That is what I have done. These problems came when I updated my S9 with OTA to android Q. I had to hard install whole os because of bugs after OTA update.

This is what my filesapp leftbar looks like on my S9

This is what it looks like on Oneplus6, which I had for spare and I added my e account, and installed nextcloud and wola!!, the nextcloud icon is visible on the files app.

Something to do with OTA update for S9, maybe?! It hasn’t been a joyride after update with S9…

Been fighting with nextcloud and filensyncing couple of days now, hoping that /e/team would make filesync with nextcloud much easier.

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Looks like the account got deleted from the NextCloud app during the upgrade. (No idea why that happened). Have you tried adding it again in the NextCloud app?


I tried to uninstall and reinstall nextcloud from fdroid, but it didn’t work. All the settings in ‘accounts’ are on and syncing.

I noticed, that when I add file on nextcloud app 'Documents", it will appear on my files app ‘documents’, so the connection works (but not the other way around, what would be great). Pictures syncing and everything else works. Only problem is, that files app doesn’t recognise Nextcloud account.

In that case it does look like the OTA upgrade is the problem, and as messed up something in the files app.

It might be worth trying to manually install the latest full build for your S9, but make sure you have a functioning backup of your current system first.

Apart from that, I’m out of ideas. Sorry!

I did reinstall whole system after the first OTA update to android 10 was bit buggy. I flashed the stable version, which was android 8, and then OTA update to android 10 again. Now still few bugs remain, but phone is useable. There was no stable android 10 pacakage yet on /e/ website.

We will see what happens with S9 in the future. Android update didn’t go as planned by eteam.