SOLVED: APP grant accesss to account on small screen (e.g. iPhone SE 2016)

I had trouble giving the APPs NextcloudNote and NextcloudDeck access to my account. The reason had been, the screen resolution of my iPhone SE 1st gen. is too small to show the “Log in” button (dialog “Connect to your account”) and allow pressing the same.


  • connect a physical keyboard to the smartphone
  • try to connect to the account (inside the APP)
    => shows dialog “Connect to your account”
  • use the touch screen to select a word in the “Security warning”
  • use the physical keyboard to type: Option ⌥ + Tab
    => the page scrolls down enough to show the button “Log in”

I assume the work-around for Android is similar.

Hopefully you found this message, while struggling with the same problem.

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