[SOLVED] BASEBAND version error when installing /e/ on D855

I wanted to install /e/ on my LG G3 D855. I am in recovery mode. With adb sideload e-0.8-n-2020041549770-dev-d855.zip I got following error message:

Starting ADB sideload feature...
Installing zip file '/sideload/package.zip'
Checking for BASEBAND version 21C
ERROR: It appears you are running an unsupported baseband.
assert failed: g3.verify_baseband("21C:MPSS.DI.2.0.1.C1.13.2-00002") == "1"
Update process ended with ERROR: 7

What is wrong with my device?

Sorry, from https://doc.e.foundation/devices/d855/ :

Models Supported


  • G3 (International)
    Other models are not supported

Yes I know. I am using D855 32GB Version. I am using Lineage OS for D855 and it works.

I found this thread on xda-developers: [RADIO/MODEM] [d855] LG G3

I downloaded the Version 21C and flashed it with TWRP. After that I flashed adb sideload e-0.8-n-2020041549770-dev-d855.zip and the process succeded.

And now I’m a happy /e/ user. :star_struck: