[SOLVED] Can i use /e/ without account

is there away to install /e/ without an account for more freedom and privacy or i must have an account.

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Short answer: No, it’s not required.

TLDR answer:
Cannot vouch for every installation, but my device install instructions had boilerplate at the top that says:
“Highly recommended: it is recommended that you have an /e/ account (like: john.doe@e.email) if you want to benefit from /e/ account integration for all online services”

Literally speaking, and in common usage in English, “recommend” precludes “require” so I read that as “No you are not required to have an account” That being said, I did not try without an account, so I don’t know the process, but I doubt it’s any more difficult.

/e/ Could certainly be clearer on that in the instructions.

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i just wish to have a phone not attached to anything i just insert my sim card, open it and that it
i have my dallier and app store download what i need.


no need to have an account, to install /e/ on your phone.
You’re free to do what you want, but in this case no cloud.

Purpose of an /e/ account explained here…

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that’s great news for thank you

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Can you pls add [SOLVED] to the headline of your first post ? Thx

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