[SOLVED] Can't create work profile with shelter / island on GSI

I can’t create a work profile with shelter nor with island.

I have checked in settings. No work profile available

Than I have tried to install shelter and getting a note, that there is a work profile available

Once more checking under settings. And now a profile is shown

I told shelter setup to remove the profile and than the app crashes

Same happens with Island


I’d seen that in 2019 december while testing pie-roms on my Moto E 2015 (Surnia). I’d read somewhere that android had remove the work-profile feature…

Keep your old *.zip :wink:

I don’t think so. On my eOS pie (not GSI) it works perfect. On my MagmaOS (Android10) it works also perfect.

Well I can’t remember where I’d read…

For my ‘non 64’ arm device, there’s no Shelter available with most of pie-ROMs I tried (from XDA). I didn’t look for more explanations, went back to /e/-nougat for daily use…

PS : perhaps some builders remove work profile. Look at Cosp, for example…

After a complet fresh install of GSI, I was able to install shelter work profile. So it was a ‘user fault’ :wink:

Error 45 ? Good news !

error 45 (en ~ error 17") : error from 45 cm to the screen… :smiley: