[SOLVED] Change Bliss search widget engine

Currently the Bliss search Widget uses https://spot.ecloud.global to display search results.

I was wondering if it was possible to change it to Qwant for example? Or Duckduckgo?
If not is it something that is planned to be in future releases?

Thanks for your help


Spot is a Metasearch engine
Which work differently from any other search engine
For example: you are typing something like (Cat Foods) in spot and then spot will find it in Duckduckgo or google or yahoo then it will show results in spot…
Normally By Default Spot get all Search Results from DuckDuckGO

Hi greg,

You can change the search engine in the Chrome OTB browser, this will change the Bliss search engine as well.

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Thanks for the explanation but I would still like to be able to change it :slight_smile:

Thanks, what do you mean by Chrome OTB browser?

I use Firefox and it is my default browser and I have change its default search engine to qwant but Bliss searches still take me to Spot

I meant you have to change the search engine in the default Chrome Browser, embedded within
the /e/ ROM.
Out-of-The-Box you can launch it from the Bliss home screen, third icon from left at the bottom.
Maybee this icon will change when choosing another default browser, in this case you can revert to “Browser” in Settings/Default app.

Thanks for your help SMU44.

I managed to change the search engine of the Bliss launcher by changing the default search engine of the browser initially present in /e/ os


Do you know if it’s possible to add more search engines?

I’d like to add Startpage.

Not at present. Currently you have these options to choose from in the Browser settings

though it is a good suggestion…we should have an option to add a custom engine as well