[SOLVED] Clear all Apps Function in /e/OS

Its a minor nag but it happens daily.
I dont know if it just on my phone but when i look at the running Apps “Clear All” does not show till i close each running app, then only pops up as an option when there is only one final app left to close!
Also before the recent wave of updates i could hold the back button and kill the app, but now when i hold the back button it says app has been killed, it does clear what you were doing i.e the webpage u were looking at but it is still listed under running apps so have to close it manually anyways.


Perhaps have a look at the little padlock (top-right) on each app’s window. Sometimes I enable lockedmode unintentionally, then “clear all” doesn’t work…

Ah, Ive figured out the first part about clearing all apps in one go.
When the apps are bunched together there is no "clear all " option, but if you swipe down the apps list to expand a little and then the option for clear all is available, ha i never noticed this. I would retitle this post to solved but the second part is still mystery, about the holding the back button kills the app but not really as it still listed as running.

I assume the reason is that the app is automatically restarted or that it’s shown in the “recent apps” list - but this is just a list of recently used apps and not of all running apps. And btw.: I think it doesn’t give any sense to “clear all” apps (or trying to stop all apps). Reasons you can find in the internet. One discussion regarding this “feature” (and why it doesn’t give sense to use “clear all”) can be found e.g. here: https://forums.androidcentral.com/android-6-0-marshmallow/617243-how-close-all-open-apps-once.html

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Ah ok handy to know, this is my 1st android phone and went straight to /e/OS without experiencing the standard Goolag OS.Before this i had a windows phone + i`m so used to windows 7. I just presumed it best to exit the apllication after use, but seems it doesnt really matter. I had thought closing unused app would free up some memory or prolong battery life maybe. thanks for the info.