[Solved] Connexion to the PC : impossible to import the photos

When I connect my Samsung S7 with /e/os to my linux PC using the USB cable, the smartphone mount but it’s not possible to access to the data. I would like to import the photos. Thanks for your help.

I think you’ve selected “File Transfer” here, haven’t you?

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Thank you for help. For a former iPhone user, it is not easy to find your way around the unknown paths of Android.


I have a Sony Experia Z5 and can’t transfer my photo files. The posts here don’t explain how to access the USB preferences, File Transfer option.

On my Samsung S7, it was in the notification panel after the USB cable was plugged.

I finally found the open camera option in the notification panel and was able to transfer the photos that were located in the DCIM file. Thanks!

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