[SOLVED] Delete mail impossible


Since few days I can’t delete mail from /e/.
The alert message says me ‘‘impossible to move the message’’.
I use 98% of the storage and I am afraid that I will not receive mail anymore.
Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Many thanks.

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As I could read on Telegram, you emptied your Trash folder.

Now your storage is 2% free : you can try to delete some very small emails, emptying again the Trashcan each time.

This is a slow and painful process : as an alternative I’ll ask to support@e.email if they can expand your storage for 1 day, it should be enough for you to delete some big messages.
And don’t forget to throw out the garbage in your Trashcan :wink:

Hello! Thank you very much for your quick answer, I used your tips ans it works at this moment. Nevertheless, i delete all my message in the ‘sent folders’, ‘trash mail folders’ ‘archive folders’, ‘draft folders’ ‘spam folders’ (keep only last 15 mails), and i still use 91% of the 1GO available. I don’'t understand why. Any idea?

Thanks again.

1GB really isn’t that much. Perhaps you still have emails with large attachments. Or perhaps you are storing other files in your e account that are taking up all the space and it’s not emails at all?

You could go onto the website (/e/) to see what’s really there. All that stuff sums up to this 1GB. - Sometimes your device synchronizes a lot of stuff (not only mail) you do not want. If so you can configure that on the device.

Unless /e/ team changed something recently, email and Cloud stuff are separate storage and quotas.

OK, learned that.

… (<- more than 20 characters)

Thank you for the ideas. I will try and ask /e/ support.

Just to keep you informed, the support help me to delete the mail folder with large sise in octets.
It was a problem of synchronisation with my mail Client. The topic can be closed for me.

Thanks for tour help.

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