[Solved] Disable mail notifications

Hello ! I just installed /e/ on my new fairphone 3 and it’s very nice ! Almost everything is set up and working well. There is only one thing I cannot find : how to disable the native mail app notifications. I want no notifications at all from this application, nowhere on my phone. I’m really touchy on not receiving lots of push notifications (especially for my work), and I to deliberately check my mails when I want, not when my phone receives them.

Does anyone know how to silence the native mail app ?

Thanks !

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open Phone settings / apps&notifications / email There yo can disable notifications for the app


Perfect, exactly what I was looking for ! I’ll use it to fine-tune all my apps notifications, thanks for the quick and to the point answer ! :slight_smile:

Good to hear that I was able to help :smiley:

This isn’t working using the latest 0.18 on the 2e.

I’ve reported that here


Edit: Nevermind, just removing the account from Mail did the trick. Sorry for the noise!

Hi there!

Sorry for necrobumping this thread, but I have the exact same issue as the OP on my FP3 with Android S. As opposed to previous version of Android, where the original suggestion worked, disabling notifications entirely is no longer possible for system apps. Any ideas how to mute our disable Mail now? Thanks in advance!


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