[Solved] (e-0.9-n) browser / bookmarks


See second post to avoid ‘off topic’ screenshots shown here

Two days ago, I upgraded my Moto E 2015 from e-0.7-2 to e-0.9-n (both UNOFFICIAL, thanks to builders). In e.browser, I use to see all my bookmarks from Menu > Bookmarks, but now it shows a folder with the number of bookmarks.

How can I pin the favicons to the main page, for example (like /e/ ones) or organize a bit more ? I’m searching in menus for a while…


While exploring a bit more, I found some weirdness, see the screenshots below:

Menu > i (top right)

Settings > About Browser > Open Source Licences:

CGU (same for Privacy):

Blocked by Tracker Control ???

Settings > ? (top right):

Strange… not really a big deal but strange.

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Well, well, well… bookmarks’ problem solved, this morning, but I didn’t know how so I looked for reason. No help from bromite github, but interesting pages !

IN FACT browser just keeps the last config : if I open the bookmarks’ folder, browse the web then exit (even after reboot) launching the browser will show the same and bookmarks’ folder remains opened.

But there’s no other way to fix that state by myself (long press > dialog box, for example), so it’s pretty difficult to understand that ‘Intuitive feature’.

It’s a general problem from Android (and main tech) when config change by itself without any way to understand how it changed, nor helpbox/checkbox to went back to the known state… For me, 50, with only self-learned tech knowledge, worst for my parents.