[SOLVED] Enable vibrate mode easily


Currently to switch to vibrate mode I have to press volume down to 0. Do disable it I have to set volume to its original value. A quicker way would be to use system profiles but it is far too complex for this use!

Is there a way to get a button in status buttons, as simple as DND, to enable/disable vibrate mode, just like the switch on the left side of iPhones? And, by the way, it would be even better if one could map the button under volume buttons to this functionality.


Nougat, Oreo or Pie ?

On Pie, press Power + Volume Up to set the phone in vibrate mode.

This setting is at Settings > System > Gestures > Prevent ringing

But I personnally just press a volume button, and I click on the appearing bell to change from ring to vibrate.


Hi! I do not have this Gesture, I only have the double click to open camera (Android 8).

I did not know about the click on the bell, thanks for the tip!

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