[SOLVED] encryption issues with eOS GSI

Regarding to the chat in telegram group:

I have flashed GSI on my nitrogen device. The boot procedure is encrypting the /data automatically, but no one knows a decryption password which is need for backup via TWRP

Formatting data isn’t working, because after next reboot the data is encrypted again.

Is there any way to remove the decryption?

Try this: flash android-tool no-verity-opt-encrypt using TWRP

→ no-verity-opt-encrypt latest

Thanks, but not working. I think it’s not for GSI

Boot to recovery , mount system
pull fstab remove forcencrypt flag
or replace with encryptable=footer
push it to system and see if this works for you

thy, but …
there is only a fstab.qcom and it still contains: encryptable=footer

Now try to Format data in twrp , do you get a success?

yes, I have formatted data and rebooted into TWRP. in /system/etc/ I can now see the fstab. I will check it now

What android version is this ? it should be vendor/etc/fstab.qcom

it’s pie. will check in vendor
yepp, there is one


make changes in this one vendor/etc/fstab.qcom

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done, but it’s stucks now on bouncing e :frowning:

it’s now https://del.dog/fstab1.txt

sorry, have had delete to much. After a startover it’s working now. Device isn’t encrypted anymore. Many, many thanks !!!


Let’s have different threads for the topics that may remain after disabling encryption.

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Yepp, agree. will try to solve the banking app issue and create a new post if it fails. Regarding building there is the overall GSI post with build instructions.