[SOLVED] Encryption question

Hi, sorry I don’t find here if I have a solution for my problem. I want to know if it’s possible to install /e without automatic encryption during the installation?
On my whyred device at the install there’s encrypting can I disable it?
Thanks (I know encryption is good and better but it’s about testing something and I need to have my Os without encryption).

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It’s not eOS it’S in the vendor part of your device. I have the same on my Note 6 pro. Everytime I format data the next boot will start with device encryption. you can flash this zip https://reuthernet.at/GSI/DisableForceEncryption.zip before booting. Than no encryption ist done

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I test that right now :slight_smile: thanks

It’s work fine, thanks a lot very very quick answer (and good tips)

always welcome …