[Solved] FM radio is not working

Hi all.

I found a bug: The FM radio is not working. According to your documentation, the FP3 has a FM radio. Unfortunately it does not work. So users can’t listen to the radio when working in the forest. Please fix that thanks a lot. :relaxed:



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Hi @Fairphoner please raise this as a bug here

Also pl can you confirm the FMRadio works on the Stock FP3 ROM ?

I checked with the dev team and the response was that FM Radio is not there in the stock ROM as well. That is why it is not there in the /e/ ROM.


Someone already tried to analyse it more deeply but it didn’t sound too promising to me: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/does-the-fp3-have-an-fm-radio/52660/118?u=ingo

At the beginning of the topic there are a few mentions of FM radio not even be in the spec documentation or getting removed later.

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Hi, I never tested the stock rom. But in the FP forum are long threads about that topic:

Where do /e/ get the information that FP3 has FM radio?

There is a flashable fmradio app somewhere on xda, i got it working on my pocophone which also came without fmradio app, maybe that can help you in the meantime?

Thanks for pointing that out. Will have it removed.

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Okay, I will mark this thread as solved.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 632 SoC supports FM radio in the Xiaomi Redmi 7, for example.

However, if the feature is disabled at the BIOS level, the FM Radio app will not work.

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Also in all the technical details about fp3 it is mentioned to have fm radio…

Could /e/ enable/activate the radio FM chip in preinstalled phones some day or is this phisically impossible?

The SoC supports FM radio, but there’s more involved, e.g. antenna wiring. See here …

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On the devicepage is still FM radio as a feature…

Thanks for pointing this out. The documentation page will be updated.

The product page still praises FM Radio as a feature, so it must work. When is the working Radio app coming in /e/? I need it when I work in the forest. :slight_smile:

Oh, there’s a topic for this, too :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: I thought this was updated…Thanks for the reminder. Will update the documentation for the FP3 today itself.

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That will be a good thing. :smiley:

Have updated the documentation should be live tomorrow